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Cisco STA SDV tuning adapter impressions

Cisco STA1520 Tuning Adaptor Time Warner CableHelp with Cisco STA 1520

Do not defeat the safety purpose of the. Notable Members Current Visitors. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to. Irrespective of what you choose to do, the procedure to install the updates is the same.

Rather than argue, I thanked him for his attempt at helping and sent him cisco sta his way. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. Follow us past the fold to see how the rest of cisco sta Tuning Adapter experience shaped up. Using the Cisco Driver Installer Utility. He also gave me some instructions to have included in the appointment notes for the next tech to reference, descargar driver para reparar usb and gave me his direct number in case I cisco sta ran into any other issues.

Do not block any ventilation openings. After all, the last tech looked out there and surely would have noticed one Best Match Best Match. Thank you all for your suggestions! Protect from Exposure to Moisture and Foreign Objects. Getting a different tuning adapter from Charter to try out might not be a bad idea.

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Servicing is required when the apparatus has. It showed as expired so I called cable card support and explained everything to them that you outlined in your post and they got it working. This driver package is a zipped file that contains several other zipped files that contain the updated driver versions.

Cisco STA1520 Quick Reference Manual

Once I finally convince a tech this is what is needed then the hit is sent and the device works. This symbol is intended to alert you that uninsulated voltage.

Cisco sta 1520 drivers

Never push objects through the openings in. Operate this product only from an electrical. Item Location see all Item Location. Let us know your xta location.

The Action column indicates either Install, Update, or Force Update based on the current device driver version. Well, to resurrect an old thread, I am having the exact same problem as described in this thread. If this product connects to an outdoor antenna or cable system, be sure the antenna or cable system is grounded. The wide blade or the third prong. You should be able to get to the Tuning Adapter diagnostic screens to see what version of the firmware your tuning adapter has running.


For products that require battery power or other power sources. The Remarks column indicates whether the update installation was successful. No, create an account now.

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When you open the utility, a list of all device drivers that are currently installed in the server is displayed, along with the available updated versions. Some drivers might require a reboot for the new version to take effect. The Reboot column indicates whether a reboot is required after the update is installed. Always disconnect the power source when moving the apparatus or connecting or disconnecting cables.